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What Is Load Balancing?

Load balancing is the process of distributing workloads across multiple servers, collectively known as a server cluster.

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Load balancers are highly beneficial to cluster environments, where massive workloads can easily overwhelm a single server and high levels of service availability and response times are critical to certain business processes or mandated by SLAs.Some servers might even be left handling zero traffic while others became overloaded. In order to scale your infrastructure to support the increasing demand as well as maintain acceptable levels of responsiveness and availability, you need to make sure you incorporate load balancing into your server endeavours. By hosting your website with IWHost.com, you will automatically have the access to all our value-added features, all easily managed through our world-leading control panel.

Spins up multiple servers

Load balancing also plays a key role in a cluster scalability. By nature, cluster infrastructures are supposed to easily scale up to accommodate any uptick or surge in traffic. When a cluster “scales up”, it typically spins up multiple servers and runs multiple application instances.

Responsible for distributing traffic

The main network component responsible for distributing traffic across these new instances is/are the load balancer(s). Without load balancers, newly spun servers wouldn’t be able to receive the incoming traffic in a coordinated fashion or if at all.

Capable of detecting unavailable servers

Load balancers are also capable of detecting unavailable servers and redirecting traffic to those still operational. Load balancers may able to determine if a certain server (or set of servers) is likely to get overloaded more quickly and redirect traffic to other nodes that are deemed healthier. Proactive capabilities like this can significantly reduce the chances of your web service becoming unavailable.

Expect an exponential increase in traffic

As you deliver more services through your server infrastructure, you can expect an exponential increase in traffic from a variety of clients – employees, trading partners, customers, suppliers, etc.
That’s not even counting the occasional and seasonal surge in demand.


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1. Traffic comes to your site.

Visitors to your site send numerous concurrent requests to your server via the Internet.

2. The traffic is distributed across server resources.

The load balancing hardware or software intercepts each request and directs it to the appropriate server node.

3. Each server operates a reasonable workload.

The node receives the request and is able to accept the request and respond to the balancer because it is not overloaded with too many requests.

4. The server returns the request.

The process is completed in reverse order to deliver the server’s response back to the user

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