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Your product deserves an awesome user experience. IWHost develops great mobile app for you reach various objectives of your business! We are all about moving forward towards the digital future. We are the right choice to bring your business to the next level with our mobile application development! IWHost focuses on quality of work & thunder speed progress. We make sure to deliver with maximum professionalism!

Since mobile app is widely use in this modern digital age, along with our professional and experienced staff, we ensure that you will get the best mobile app with us!

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Push Notifications & Instant Updates
Increase visibility to clients at all times
Market more directly.
Provide value to customers
Branding Recognition
Increase in customer engagement
Stand out from the Crowd
Increase customer's loyalty
Turn your app into a Social Platform
Complement your website with mobile app
Apps are faster than website
Can use device features / leverage device capabilities
Customers prefer better mobile experience when purchasing using app
Mobile apps are easier to navigate compared to other platforms such as mobile web, desktop browsers

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Send Eye-Catching INSTANT Push notifications Right Inside
Your Customers Smart Phones.

Say goodbye to expensive developers and unreliable freelancers

No previous experience needed

Get high-class, professional mobile apps in just a few weeks

100% Cloud based. No software to install. Easy access whenever you need it

Customize mobile apps to match your brand in seconds

Apps are more convenient for users easier to navigate

App monetization is better than the revenue of websites nowadays. Just think how huge Lazada and Shoppee are right now!

Gives app owners lead over competitors in engagement

You can send eye catching push notification right inside your customers smartphones which is better than email or any other form of engaging with customers/subscribers

Who needs IWH Apps in their business? Affiliate Store owners, Ecommerce stores - Shopify, Aliexpress, Ebay and Amazon affiliates stores, blogs, Local Business, offline business, video marketers etc.

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Claim YOUR Piece of the RM600 BILLION Global App Market

Projected to Grow by 24% in 2018 Alone

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Explore the Huge Potential of Mobile Apps

  • Mobile App Revenues Set To Rise From 450 Billion MYR To 800 Billion MYR In 2020
  • Worldwide Consumer Spending On Mobile Apps In 2017 - 340 Billion MYR
  • Mobile App Downloads In 2017 - 170 Billion
Get the advantages of email marketing without the need to compete for attention inside your customer’s cro wded inbox. . .

Amazing Right?
This Is What IWH APPCan Do For YOU! gurantee icon

It doesn’t matter if you’re:

An E-Commerce store owner (Shopify, etc.)

Building a review site

An owner of any kind of affiliate marketing business, no matter what the niche.

Kindle authors who want to remind past customers of new releases for additional sales

An owner of a local business, such as a restaurant, a day spa, a hair salon, or even offer professional services such as dentistry or chiropractic

An eBay or Amazon affiliate

A video marketer.

A Podcast broadcaster who wants visitors to tune into every single one of broadcasts

A local marketer who wants another income stream from selling apps to other businesses

Any business owner, no matter what niche, online or offline, who wants to drive more sales and get more customer engagement on business.

Everybody loves apps because they’re more convenient, faster and easier for users
to navigate than the mobile web.

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Still more REASONS why YOU
need an APP right now:

"By 2018, mobile device users will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps. Time spent on mobile browser activities will hold steady at 51 minutes this year and next.”

- How Mobile Apps Stack Up Against Mobile Browsers - eMarketer.com, January 14, 2017
Step 1

“Users are turning away from the browser and relying on applications. Anyone who relies on reaching out to users should be paying attention to these numbers, and have a strategy to deal with the app issue.”

- The Mobile Browser is Dead, Long Live the App - Forbes.com, April 4, 2017
Step 2

“Establishing app audiences is harder, but their real value is in their loyalty. They spend 18 X more time on apps than mobile web visitors.”

- Comscore 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report
Step 3

So even if you have a mobile optimized website, chances are you’re losing significant
screen time to apps in your niche.

So Why Doesn’t EVERYONE Have an App Already?

Up until now, it’s taken a significant amount of time AND money to develop an app.

How significant?

According to SavvyApps.com

“Very simple apps will start around MYR40,000.”

(Not to mention, they take an average of 18 months to develop.)

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners simply don’t have this much cash OR in time to invest in app creation.

Waiting 18 months for an app is an eternity in the fast moving world of online marketing!

Well, we decided there had to be a better option for small business who wanted to get in on the apps revolution.

So we invested thousands of our own money and created an app building platform which makes complicated, confusing AND expensive app builders a thing of the past...

And saves business owners thousands because they don’t need to hire expensive developers... and they can skip paying the heavy fees other app building platforms charge!

IWH APP isn’t just for local business owners. It isn’t just for affiliate marketers, or online store owners.

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Opportunities for Explosive Earnings With IWH APPS…

Well, you might not be an Online Store owner, or own a local business. However...
There’s still HUGE opportunity in SELLING apps to business owners…here’s just a FEW examples...
  • Restaurants can notify customers about special events, happy hour, VIP events and more…
  • Dental offices can send appointment reminders, offer specials on optional services such as tooth whitening, and also sell items such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers via app...
  • Fitness studios/personal trainers can send clients reminders of class times, display fitness class times, and offer app only discounts…
  • Hair and nail salons can send coupons, notify clients when specials on products and services are available, offer their clients incentives for referring new clients, let clients know when they have sudden openings in their schedules and more…
  • Nonprofits can inform volunteers of opportunities to serve, notify about fundraising events and more…
  • Realtors can send push notifications about open houses, and offer virtual tours of properties to prospects…
  • Shop Owners can notify customers about daily specials, loyalty programs and menu changes as well as offer coupons to customers when business is slow...
  • The possibilities to create apps for business owners from a wide spectrum of business types is almost limitless…

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Plus here’s a few MORE ideas to monetize your apps:

Run Mobile Ads On You App... And Create Additional Monetization From Push Notifications To Your Products And Affiliate Links

Create Subscription Apps For All Kinds Of Lessons, Like Cooking, Photography And Crafts... Recurring Revenue For The Win!

Cross Promote To Your T-Shirt And Gear Stores To Maximize Your Profits

Recommend Niche-Related Books/DVDs With Affiliate Links To Your App Customers

Here’s a sneak peek under the hood of this breakthrough tool:


Send a message to your app users anytime you like. Unlike email marketing, you won’t have to compete for attention inside an inbox to get your marketing messages seen. Here’s just a few of the ways you can use Push Notifications in your marketing:
Sweepstakes Or Contest Pushes

The Buzz Of A Sweepstakes Or Contest Drives Users To Visit Your Mobile App,.Which Gives You Additional Opportunities To Expose Visitors To Get Your Offers

Cross-Promote Your Apps

Created A New App With A Similar Purpose To Your Existing App? Send Your Current App Users To Your New App For Multiple Opportunities To Market Your Goods And Services

Flash Sales

Everyone Loves A Bargain, And App Users Are No Exception! Let Your App Users Know When You Are Running A Special Promotion . . . Perfect For ECommerce Store Owners & Local Business Marketing

Niche Down Your Customers

Created A New App With A Similar Purpose To Your Existing App? Send Your Current App Users To Your New App For Multiple Opportunities To Market Your Goods And Services

Create Apps For Local Business Owners, Then Charge Then To Keep Their Apps Updated Ans Send Push Notifications On Their Behalf...

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It has been proven that mobile users spend about 86 percent of their time on a mobile app, while the remaining 14% is devoted to mobile websites.



Build professional business
apps from amazing features

  • IWH Apps Calendar feature


    What if your users can be informed about your next events? Showcase your events from your Facebook page, or Google Calendar. You can also create your own custom events.

  • IWH Apps Booking feature


    Allow users to book a seat, a slot, a table or anything you want, with an easy and multi-stores plug-in. The form is sent to the right store following the user's validation.

  • IWH Apps Appointments feature


    Manage your appointments like a pro. It's now possible to add a complete appointment engine in your app and to manage multiple stores, services and providers from one place. You will also be able to set working hours for these stores, holidays slots and everything you would need to manage your appointments in the blink of an eye. (Paid feature)

  • IWH Apps Job feature


    This is your feature for providing a recruitment tool from which companies can post their job offers. Each member you set as a company admin will be able to publish the available open positions. Candidates can apply directly from the app.

  • IWH Apps Folder feature


    The feature to organize your content. With Folder, you can create your own app tree, with folders, subfolders, sub-subfolders, your pages in them. You can even add a search box to help your users to find the content they're looking for.

  • IWH Apps Padlock feature


    If you need to lock your app wholly or partially that's the feature you need. Choose the pages you want to protect and how they have to be protected, and regular users will not be able to access the locked content. If you select a protection through membership, the accounts you have authorized will be able to access the locked pages. If you choose a QR Code protection, only users who have the QR Code will have access to your protected sections.

Our Mobile Apps Portfolio

Please download the "IWH Features" in your Playstore or Appstore to experience and test the above features.

Mobile Application Packages



  • 3-4 Ready Features
  • Professional Layout
  • Ability to push message
  • Ability to push with URL
  • Ability to push with cover image
  • Ability to push message to only specific location (GEOFENCE)
  • Ability to push message to specific user
  • Ability to message in schedule / create schedule
  • Consultation & Support Free
  • Apps UI Design Service
  • Image & Database Hosting Service
  • 3 hours Training at USJ 9 / Online
  • Android Platform & iOS*
  • Billed Monthly : RM300/mth (Setup Fee:RM800)
  • Billed Yearly : RM280/mth (Setup Fee:Free)
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(Corporate + Ecommerce)

  • 5-15 Ready Features
  • E-commerce Ready
  • Malaysia Online Internet Banking BillPlz & PayPal
  • Professional Layout
  • Ability to push message
  • Ability to push with URL
  • Ability to push with cover image
  • Ability to push message to only specific location (GEOFENCE)
  • Ability to push message to specific user
  • Ability to message in schedule / create schedule
  • Consultation & Support Free
  • Apps UI Design Service
  • Image & Database Hosting Service
  • 3 hours Training at USJ 9 / Online
  • Android Platform & iOS*
  • Billed Monthly : RM400/mth (Setup Fee:RM1000)
  • Billed Yearly : RM380/mth (Setup Fee:Free)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to have IWH Mobile Apps ?

i. Make the order and payment
ii. Our personel will contact you within 24-48 hours for more information. Eg: Choice of features, prefered color/theme, etc
iii. We will provide consultation on what are the best features that suits to your requirement.
iv. We will start designing the UI of the apps and send to you the first mockup within 1-2 week.
v. Once confirmed, we will then submit to google Play Store and Apple App Store

Do you have sample of your existing customer app for us to download and test ?

Yes, you may search in Goole Play Store or Apple Appstore for Apps named "Emorra" or "Cantiqa" or "IWHost"

Can i see all the features in an App, so that i can choose which i want to be available in my app ?

Yes, you may search in Goole Play Store or Apple Appstore for Apps named "IWH Features", you may try all the available features in the app, there are also other features that are not available in the App such as "Birthday Reminder" and "Agent Finder" those features will only be made available upon request

Whats the difference between my business and competitors in having a mobile app?

Mobile app boosts your branding and consumers confidence. By having a mobile app under your brands name, the higher chances of you to stand out from the competition

Can mobile app increase my web traffics?

The mobile app industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the world. Google Play receive millions of hits every day. If your app is properly optimized for the app store, not only can you attract more downloads, but also route highly-targeted traffic to your website.

Since my phone can access mobile website, why do I need mobile app?

You will be amazed with variety of features we listed above, the biggest advantage of mobile app is by having PUSH NOTIFICATION service to all your app users. Thus, you can market directly in terms of promotion and distribution of information.

What about customer engagement?

To be frank, customers may get “lost” in mobile web since its easily redirected to other websites, while by using mobile app, wherever customer click or tap, they are still in your app. If they strayed from the main point, there are still chances that they will browse through other things while they REMAIN IN YOUR APP.

Whats the revenue like in mobile app industry?

Mobile app industry in expected to make RM572 ($USD143) Billion in revenue in the next 2 years.

How effective I can attract customers if I run promotions on an app?

With the presence of mobile app, you don’t have to compete for attention in inbox for your marketing message. Mobile apps enable you to send push notifications and promote discounted flash sale to send messages to customers at any time with maximum engagement rate.

Can mobile app give an impact to my business?

Stats show Mobile Users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on websites - think about this, because it’s going to impact your business whether you like it or not.

How long does it take for my to have my own app?

You can get your mobile app ready from just 2-4 weeks only.

What are the requirements to have my own app?

Place the order, discuss with our personnel and after selecting features, voila ! your app will be ready within 2-4 weeks.

Is there any hidden fee or charges?

No, we just charge one initial fee for the apps and some small monthly payment for the Push Notification services and IOS/Android account renewal .

How mobile app can help me increase sale?

Various ways an app can help you increase sale.
Mobile orders - Easy way to purchase will speed up payment procedure
Social Referrals – Share button enables customer to share to their followers which results free exposure
Loyalty rewards – It is completely stress-free program for customers. Your product sale can be increased with fewer efforts once you apply the loyalty rewards idea.
Reduce in publishing costs – By having a mobile app, you no longer have to produce flyers, banners, buntings in order to promote
Reduce in marketing costs – Buying an advertisement space costs alot, whether billboards, radio spots, newspaper ads it can be expensive. By having mobile app, you have unlimited space, fully design promotions that you can change any time, for free!
Reduce communication cost – Customers can directly communicate with your customer support through either live chat, or phone line which can easily use with mobile app.

What happened if i did not continue the subscription ?

The access to the apps control panel will be cancelled and the apps will no longer functioning

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    "Terima kasih atas bantuan yang mantap!"

    Terima kasih atas bantuan yg diberikan even pukul 3 pagi. Sangat rekomen kepada sesiapa yang sedang mencari hosting dan domain.

    Posted By : Ustaz Li

    Added On :2020-04-15 11:04:10

    Ip Address :

    Url : Tanyaustaz.net

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Good Support "

    I have been using IWHOST almost for few years  overall the support is good , quick and fast. I have 14 servcies running on IWHOST, so far all of them are good. 

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    Added On :2020-04-13 01:04:23

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    "7 Years with IWH"

    If the history written by winner, then my business history is written by IWH. Since 2014, IWH never dissapoints me, never let me down. From the domain creation until website development, IWH sales and tech staff always available all the time. Million thanks to all IWH staff.

    Posted By : Jeffery

    Added On :2019-12-09 10:12:38

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    "Support Team Terbaik Dan Terpantas.."

    Terima kasih kepada SKSA Technology @ Internet-Web Hosting kerana memberi service dan support yang sangat pantas. Setiap email yang kami hantar dibalas dalam tempoh kurang dari 5 minit sahaja. Bukan itu sahaja.. setiap masalah yang kami hadapi juga dapat diselesaikan dengan cepat. Tahniah !


    Added On :2019-11-27 08:11:02

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  • IWHost Testimonial


    My problem have been solved in a day only. Thank you for the help and kind services by your behalf.


    Added On :2019-11-13 04:11:33

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  • IWHost Testimonial


    I have been using IWH more than 9 years.. Really good and very fast response with good support. Tq IWH


    Added On :2019-11-08 12:11:59

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  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Best Webhosting! Best support!"

    Been using this services many years. Best support! Best services! And dont forget their affordable prices. U will never regret.

    Posted By : Melur

    Added On :2019-08-06 06:08:34

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  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Great Support and Friendly Staff"

    We have all kinds of difficulties with our domain name, but luckily their staff is professional enough to help us resolve our problems. Great team they have there.

    Posted By : Ken

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    "They Have Improved A Lot"

    SKSA has improved a lot in terms of security and up time. I have been with them since 2008. I know. Even their customer support has improved. Good job guys!

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